Our Team

Jelena Misita

Co-owner and Senior PR Consultant
The co-founder of Misita PR & Communication and a PR Consultant. Jelena graduated Japanese language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and holds an MBA from the London School of Commerce. She has been in the PR world since 2003, mainly in healthcare.
She poses the experience of working in an Agency, but also in a multinational company, which gives her a wider angle of looking at public relations, because she knows the story from both ends. She is well informed on all the laws and policies which regulate advertising of medicine and medical devices.
Thanks to her extensive professional development in ’Healthcare Compliance Ethics & Regulation’, Jelena Misita offers the healthcare clients communication solutions which are feasible, measurable and in accordance with all legal and ethical regulations which regulate this field.

Ana Jovanić Stošić

Senior Media Relations Consultant
She has been in the field of healthcare communications since 2009, and gained her experience while working in specialized PR agencies. She gained her knowledge while working with various clients from the innovative and generic industry. Apart from the organizational and operative work, she also did analytics for clients from big corporations. Besides, she is equipped with knowledge needed for the implementation of EU projects. She is currently finishing her studies in PR, and she also has a 5 year experience of working as a journalist in some of the bestselling daily and weekly newspapers in Serbia.

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