Case Study

Emergency Contraception Awareness

Case study:

Awareness campaign about emergency contraception


Media campaign to raise awareness about the problem of teenage pregnancies and ways of fighting it.

  • Event management
  • Media campaign
  • Informational booklet
  • Task

    Raise awareness about emergency contraception as a way of solving unwanted teen pregnancies.

  • Solution

    Create a book for teenagers written in their language about safe sex and what to do in case of pregnancy.   

  • Result

    The Agency created an informational booklet about safe sex which was distributed in the country... The spokesperson for the campaign was a celebrity which attended all the events, and was a connection betweenthe information and the teenagers. The Agency organized a promotional event at one of the most popular shopping malls where teenagers spend most of their free time so that the word about safe sex and dealing with unwanted pregnancies. 

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