Case Study

From A Skipped Heartbeat To Stroke

Case study:

From A Skipped Heartbeat To Stroke


Media campaign for raising awareness about the importance of an early recognition of arrhythmia and its treatment in order to prevent stroke.

  • Media campaign
  • Fundraising
  • Ringtone
  • Task

    Raise awareness about atrial fibrillation as one of the main causes of stroke.

  • Solution

    Find a spoke person for the disease in order to make it more visible. Organize TV appearances along with the doctors who would talk about the connection between the heart and the brain, while the spoke person would add a personal note to the story.

  • Result

    The Agency partnered up doctors from the Specialized hospital for cerebrovascular diseases “Saint Sava” with a popular music band S.A.R.S. to take a ringtone melody depicting the difference between the normal and abnormal heart rhythm which can lead to stroke. All the money raised by selling the ringtone went into the bank account set up for the fundraising for the new MRI scanner for the hospital. You can hear the ringtone on this link

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