Case Study

World Heart Day

Case study:

World Heart Day


An integrated awareness campaign about acute coronary syndrome and its treatment. 

  • Media campaign
  • Event management
  • Task

    Inform the public about modern treatment options for patients with acute coronary syndrome.

  • Solution

    Organize a street event which would be flashy enough to draw attention of a great number of people and make them think about the prevention of heart diseases.

  • Result

    The Agency organized a street event where promoters wore specially designed body suits showing circulation in a healthy human being. The promoters talked to the members of the public about how important it is for them to take care of their heart and blood vessels, and asked them when was the last time they had a check up. Apart from the street event, a more formal event was also organized, like a series of lectures in the Clinical Center of Serbia where cardiologists talked about the importance of prevention and treatment of acute coronary syndrome.

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