What We Do

From patient advocacy and disease awareness to crisis management, we use our skills in order to create inspired and interesting PR campaigns with a sole purpose of generating visibility and awareness for our clients. What we offer is a wide range of communication services, from strategic counseling, crisis management and public relations, to social media and content development.  Actions do speak louder than words, but our messages last a lifetime.

  • Strategic communication planning

    Adjusting the needs and trends, within the legal limitations, is the field which differentiates public relations from related fields. Careful development, integration and managing of strategies are necessary for the building and positioning on the market, as well as towards target groups.

  • Media relations

    Our extensive experience in the field of communication in healthcare has enabled us to have professional and friendly contacts with media representatives. Together, we have gone through all the changes and established strong relations.
  • Consultations with the healthcare

    Consultations with the healthcare, NGO and patients’ association representatives
    In certain circumstances and conditions it is necessary to establish, develop and nurture a good relationship and trust with the representatives of various sectors which can improve our business.
  • Crisis communication

    An adequate and quick response when stepping out from standard business framework is crucial in defining and positioning a company in a crisis situation. Just like in certain health situation, there is also a timeframe for taking action and establishing channels of communication in crisis situations, which gives us a possibility to place timely and accurate information which will protect the integrity and reputation of the company.

    • Risk assessment and forming key messages
    • Forming od the crisis staff within the organization
    • Briefing the organization’s representatives for delivering proactive and reactive statements for crisis management.
  • Consulting services for crisis management

    Apart from a timely and adequate reaction, in a crisis situation it is very important that a company regulates all the odds and ends and create an environment of trust in order to control the damage which is imminent. Crisis communication experts, as well as doctors, are focused on handling and resolving the problem, but they have the need to establish normal functioning of all vital systems within the company as soon as possible. 

    • Creating reactive statements
    • Media relations for crisis management
    • Evaluation
  • Crisis communication Trainings

    • Creating simulations of various scenarios
    • Crisis management
    • How to control material and non-material damages
  • Analytics

    Qualitative-quantitative analyzes of competitors, stakeholders and markets which are used in the strategic communication planning. Everyday reporting on activities and moves of participants important for the company business contribute to better planning and managing defined business goals.
  • Event organization

    • Event organization counseling
    • Assistance with the analysis and selection of adequate activities
    • Counseling on ways of communication with target audiences on events
    • Preparation and training the Client for direct communication with media representatives at events
    • Creation of event materials, for the Client
  • Media trainings

    • Technical aspect of a media appearance
    • Techniques of mastering the topic and awkward questions
    • Practical advice
  • Creative solutions

    • Ideas
    • Visual solutions
    • Promo materials
    • Press kit
    • Assistance with creating solutions for advertising campaigns
  • On-line communication channels

    • Creation and management of web sites
    • Creation and management of social network accounts
  • Evaluation and reporting

    • Timely reporting about media releases, as well as about additional possibilities during the duration of the campaign
    • Evaluation of a campaign
    • Presentation of a campaign’s results
  • Press clipping and media monitoring

    • Defining key words for Clients
    • Archiving and following media releases

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