Case Study

Case study:


Communicate the devastating effects smoking has on the human body, and tell the future non-smokers that there are different ways of quitting smoking for different kind of smokers. 

  • Media campaign
  • Webiste
  • Event management
  • Support center
  • Training course for pharmacists about how to convince a smoker to quit
  • Task

    Raise awareness about health hazards of smoking, and educate the general public about all the different ways one can quit smoking.  

  • Solution

    Make the advice for quitting smoking instantly available online and offline. Bring the doctors and experts to the people, and eliminate the waiting period between thinking about smoking and going to see the doctor for help. 

  • Result

    Online support at as well as support centers in 140 pharmacies around the country where smokers can get advice and help 24/7 about the most efficient ways to quit smoking, as well as constant support on their road to freedom from addiction. 

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